when the streets have no flair

imagine going to times square and seeing….nothing.

no gigantic billboards, no neon lights, no signs…just bare stone and glass.
well, apparently last year the mayor of sao paulo, brazil didn’t just imagine
it. he put it into action. in order to provide citizens with a clean city, he
put into action legislature that called for the removal of all advertising.
in time, he did make allowances that after a while, regulated advertising
would return to sao paulo.

i’m mixed here. mainly because i’ve grown accustomed to the vibrant tapestry
of ads and posters and signs that adorn walls, skyscrapers and high-rises.
combining that with the tags and burners of native artists, random handbills
and bumper stickers denoting every viewpoint under the sun, and you have a
continuous flow of words and images. but at the same time, i can appreciate
the easy tranquility of a space without blaring signs. it may work in sao
paulo. i don’t know if other cities would follow suit.


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