the funeral of your fears(for sagal)

you’ve insisted
on holding a funeral
for what lies between you and i
hurt from past loves and present families
force you to drive the nails in with vigor
rampant periods of silence
punctuated by bouts of tears
all of this i hear
sealed away in a casket
built with fine mahogany and sharpened fear
can’t you comprehend
that this grave will never hold me
that this funeral will do nothing
but give birth to me
as a new sun etched into the folds of your heart?
even now i am breaking free
pounding on boards
punching and clawing at this darkness
fighting the good fight
for the beauty of you
until this casket erupts
and i stand before you
and all the more convinced
that the funeral you wished to take place
was for your fears
and not for me.

caligraphy of joy(for sagal)

tell me
do you remember still
that slow kiss laid upon your neck
with all the reverence one gives the holy?
does it linger
in those nights where
sedate brunches and attempts at freedom through soca
leave you still empty?
will you
still feel the burning pleasure
of my fingertips
tracing a caligraphy of joy
on your face?
the answer lies in your silence
my love.