rock n’ roll betty

see you could be
my rock and roll betty
the opening riff of clapton’s ‘bad love’
loving me so good
i’ll swear that the sun begins in your eyes
we’ll sit together
with irish coffees
and dissect our desires
drowning dislikes with laughter
i want you to
scream into my shoulder
until you sob like janis
to have our conversations
seem like lyrics
that some teenage couple
with a bottle of boone’s and hope
will recite years from now
i want you
to be that rock and roll betty
wreaking beautiful havoc in my life.

heartshadow.(or a visitation to a past mood.)

there are moments one has that seem to darken
the mood. they cause immediate and seemingly
overwhelming despair.

yesterday, i got swept up in one of those moods.
so much so, that i shut down. something i RARELY
do. when it gets to that level, i usually make
the choice to ride it out, no matter how somber
or how painful. because trying to fight it or
act like its non-existent makes it worse. i once
called this a ‘heartshadow’. it’s not my term, i
actually found it in salman rushdie’s ‘haroun
and the sea of stories.'(which by the way is a
GREAT book)

i’m here to say, i’ve gotten through it. and for
those still stuck there, there IS a light beyond
the darkness and pain. will yourself to get there,
fight it, scratch and claw and you’ll find that
peace within yourself again.

silenced stride

in honor of Cafe Nema, a DC wellspring of jazz that
unfortunately closed this past october.

should always rise
from the belly
and spill overflow almost
full of steam and spice
walk in the door
and it washes over you
so that you become one with the street
sink your teeth into piano strides
and let your tongue nibble
on saxophone solos so good
you swear they’ve not only raised
those long gone
but they’ve decided to sit in between
amen corner meetings
should always rise from the belly
and sitting here
in candlelight embraced by brick
and brown skins and smiles
you realize that this place
makes it a beautiful stew for you.