delctable silence

already kissed
one hundred times
within the cloud covered folds of my mind
i’ve dreamt
that your lips
as seconds bind them to mine
became cotton candy
just as it melts
it pleases me
that the coolness of your cheeks
are cinnamon and milk
that eases the tongue
we’ve already kissed
in our minds
and found no reason to run
the delectable silence
after our first real kiss
is done?


another of life’s circles.

these past few days, i’ve been helping my mother recover from
internal surgery. she was given strict orders to rest up in bed,
and so i made the decision to be of as much help as i can be.
which meant doing a good deal of cooking when possible,
cleaning and heading up and down the stairs to get water and
snacks for her.

i went back to how she used to care for me when i was little.
i used to cry, ‘mommy’ and she’d be there so fast i used to
believe she had teleportation powers. and i never forgot those
days – you shouldn’t ever forget those days, in my honest
opinion – so much so that they’ve been coming back to me
clear as day since last Friday. i’ve lost some sleep, sure. i feel
my legs ache from going back and forth up the stairs(who needs
yoga?!)but i still feel real good. i’m glad that i’m able to be there
for her. she’s done so much for me, even at points where i might
not have deserved it. because she’s a giver. and she’s taught me
how to give with your all because it’s right and for no other reason.

case in point? this morning, she asked for eggs but kind of
recanted. ‘you’ve been doing too much and i know you haven’t
slept much,’ she said. i went down, got the paper from outside,
made some green tea with lemon, wheat toast and scrambled
eggs. when i brought it up to her, her eyes lit up. ‘thank you
Chris! you didn’t have to!’

because you took care of me Mom…of course i have to do the
same. it’s another one of life’s circles we have to obey on this
Earth if we want our existence to mean anything.

precious stones in the dark

don’t know where it was
that you stole away
wtih silvers of my heart
i suppose
you keep them with
silver and wood earrings
letting them glisten
along with other precious stones
in the dark
of your jewelry box
i’d like to think
that because of the gentle caress
of your hands
they burn with promise
waiting to greet you
with renewed desire and light
just as i do.


untitled 3.24.11

i keep thinking
about all the air
that lies between us
getting lighter with each thought of you
every mile
disappearing with the same
crystallized sweetness i found
in your cheek with my lips
as long
as i keep thinking
and dreaming of you
flying into your heart
will seem that much easier.