back from the Riviera Maya…

so i was in Cancun for the past week thanks to my sisters
and mother…my third time there as a matter of fact. i
got a chance to really, REAALLY unwind and let my mind
float. and in that short span of time, i came to grips
with certain things about myself and my writing and life
in general.

1)i need to push the envelope MORE.

as it is, i think i have a distinct writing voice.
but i also need to guard myself against playing it
safe. i glossed over a couple of older short stories
and immediately shrank back. since i’ve gotten back,
i’ve begun the process of re-writing these stories so
that they’ll always remain fresh. and i’ve resolved
to get more innovative with story ideas. there’s no
excuse not to, all the cynicism about ‘no idea’s
original’ be damned.

2)this year, i need to be all about a set writing

can’t stress this enough, especially after catching
up on Malcolm Gladwell.

3)get back to doing open mics when i can.

i miss the energy, the wild abandon of the open
mic. i miss the crowd reaction, silent and boisterous.
doing that showcase in DC really brought me back
and i want to get that feeling again.

4)don’t be so hard on yourself.

i have a tendency to overthink when it comes to my
writing. i compare myself to others at times, and
i fret about my work here and there. i need to do
less of that and realize that there’s a fine line
between being diligent and being deprecating.

5)completely express myself.

well…i think i’m doing okay so far there. always
room for improvement.

until the next time…


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