a pair of runway pins

these legs
made her sixty thousand this year.
these legs
covered trade publications
and forced young girls to learn the art
of ejecting shame from their throats
along with lunch.
these legs
have been rubbed by diplomats
and bankers with oily fingers and dry libidos.
these legs
will soon be filled
with the finest heroin of Laos
and topped off with coffee.
these legs
will soon be a whispered memory.

standing against the sea. (reflection)

if you’ll allow me to ramble…

i had a chance to recently be a guest on a wonderful radio show
(as you already know if you keep up with this blog). and in the
time since then, i’ve been deep in thought about writing and its
hold on me. it’s only now that i’ve been able to really let the
words dance on the page. it’s only over these past two years that
i’ve been able to let the voices in my soul merge into one chorus
of truth. like i heard a hustler say out by Rockaway Boulevard
years ago, ‘it takes time for you to wail my man. you never heard
a lion’s voice crack.’

it hasn’t been without hurt. either the sudden kind or the kind that
settles in slow like bacon grease on the walls. i know there’s one
or two people that know me out there that probably view me as some
sort of loser because all i have at the moment is my writing. i’m
not a major best-seller, someone who they can brag about to friends
over brunch or gab about on Facebook. and i’ve learned to accept
that. and it makes it easier seeing them across the distance they’ve
created with that view of me. because my writing IS ME. it is part
and parcel of the journey i’ve had over these years. and i earned
every damned step of it. i’ve earned all the tears and thorns as well
as the laughs and roses. can’t have one without the other. and i think
now i appreciate that balance even more. and i want to say to you, if
you’re reading this…you may have such people in your life. let those
mofo’s scatter like roaches under a hot lamp!!!

i don’t want to let this feeling i have now go. i’ve felt it before,
but in pieces here and there. now it’s steady, driving. i’ve got a ton
of words in my bones looking to get out. and i’m doing that, one poem,
one essay, one article, one story at a time. and it feels damn good.

i’m standing against a sea before me, of doubters and obstacles. good
thing my heart is strong enough to stay afloat. and my pen will get me
back to shore.

cool water and giving earth

i want
to rise like steam upon your skin
course around the equator of pleasure
measured in inches you casually call your waist
i want you
to taste slow-simmered ambrosia and creme de menthe
on your lips whenever thoughts of me
make it hard to concentrate
i want us
to glisten like grass after sudden showers
and settle in each other’s soul for hours
like cool water and giving earth.

insomnia’s alias

insomnia now has a name
that makes me levitate
outside of my skin
and walk amongst others
in haunts that carry familiar scents
can be the footsteps
of those we’ve walked away from
the fact that her name lies on my lips
as the sun has gone to sleep is what that represents

thoughts of a falling star (for Sagal)

you shouldn’t appear
like uneasiness in the stomach
too near the last drink
and too far from home
but here you are
tumbling back to the land
i once called paradise
because it as where love made its home for you
and like any falling star
you still burn bright before the eyes
have you tired of drifting in space
playing it safe
and as you trad loneliness’ cold embrace
for those moments where i kissed your face
and the fire they contain
let the next time
you crash into me
be so powerful
we give it a name.

azure rhapsody

*for brownin’*

there is no controlling you
you ride across the prairies in my mind
on stallions as wild as your curls
a bandit queen
who shoots sugar-tipped arrows from her lips
i can’t stop you
from lassoing my thoughts
and branding them with your laughter
or your swimming gently
with my dreams under orange moons
and watchful eyes that burn in the fabric of night
there is no controlling you
and truth is
i’d be a fool to.