cinnamon crusted

in the long spaces
between loves picked up and cast aside
like jacks on a playground
she savored sweetness
knew her own sugar
was desirable to all but those
who she wanted to give a taste

she felt herself dissolving
against concrete realities
that saw the feet of these loves
walk past her for ivory towers
and alabaster princesses
forgetting she carried brighter pearls
they mistook for costume jewelry others wore

cinnamon crusted
her love sits waiting to be tasted
as suns grow dim

kitten on a hot tin roof

you make clouds
smoke signals that wake me up
because they carry your scent
uttering sunshine in prolonged songs
crafted with desire from places in your belly
starved for so long
they forgot
the speech of want a woman wields
when she is ready
and only after
a quatrain of lust
written with talented digits
that are counting seconds
to the meeting of our eyes
did you think to smile
and perhaps…purr

changes gonna come…

what’s happening folks? it’s been a while since i posted,
and the main reason (besides a busier summer schedule
than i anticipated) is, there may be a change or two to
come in the next couple of weeks. i just wanted to give
you a heads up so you won’t get caught unawares. stay
tuned and thanks again for reading!

props to the papas…

tomorrow is Father’s Day…aside from the normal
platitudes and cards and commercials hawking
products, it’s one day where fathers are able to
sit back and enjoy the love for just being there.

there are of course, those men who flat out shirk
their responsibilities. the deadbeat fathers who
may be links in a horrible chain that extends to
their own father and past him. those fathers who
go on ‘vacation’ because of their own issues.
they leave behind a multitude of angry, hurt
and bitter mothers left to fill both roles. and
a wave of children who carry those emotional
scars, some of which they don’t ever get rid of.
but, this day isn’t about them.

Father’s Day is for all of those men who help
to shape lives. those men who guide, who care,
who love with both firmness and tenderness.
my dad is still here. and i cherish that relationship
with all of the trials and tribulations it has held in.
to all of the fathers who are raising their children,
to those step-fathers, to adoptive fathers, to the
new fathers and also to those fathers who have
left this world for the next, Happy Fathers Day
to you. and thank you.

the quiet before we embrace

wear part of your history
because it needed to breathe
needed to cry loud enough
to make the rain feel sympathy
and i
insist on holding you that much longer
when we embrace
because i need you enough
that those years and dreams
you wear with deliberate deliciousness
hopefully speak to me
and permit me to add to them