NaPoWriMo 1/30: Black lives and sakura dreams

like cherry blossoms
our lives are viewed, lauded
then forgotten and cast aside
decorations for the devious and decadent
and stolen
no matter the season

would that we could all have the protection
and reverence sakura trees enjoy
once they bloom
for the delight of the world
and be valued

but our bloodshed seems to delight more than the petals

finding your own wave

greetings good people…halfway through National Poetry Month
and while i’d like to say i’ve been toiling away at the keyboard
or dutifully jotting down stuff in my journals, the truth of it
all is, i haven’t. at least, not as much as i’d like to. and i’m
okay with it. why? in an era where everything and everyone is all
about maximizing productivity and creativity, i’ve found my own
point on that ocean and i’m letting it take me where i need to.

artists, and other people, often get pulled every which way. you
think it’s of your own doing, but the reality of it is, there are
moments where you convince yourself that you’re CHOOSING to go these
places rather than not realizing that you’re simply resigning yourself
to go there because you didn’t prepare your body & spirit for that
space where you could choose. think about it – you can always tell
who’s doing something for reasons not their own. the crafty among
us, the devious – they know how to get people in this frame of mind
to move to their whim. some of these folks get by just on this alone.
and if you’re caught up in their mix, you’re tossed about from wave
to wave on the ocean of their ultimate indifference. now, i’m not
an expert, but i do know that THAT feeling…sucks. but once you
make the decided choice to build a process that helps you at least
get that space, you won’t be prey to their whims or your own feelings
of being unable to find your own way.

finding your own wave may sound like some bookstore New Age truism
meant only for desktop knick-knacks, but think about it for a sec.
the feeling you get if you’ve ever been atop a wave out at the beach,
and the sky is brilliant with sunlight, to where you feel it sear
your skin gently. the breeze, nudging you slightly here and there.
the feeling of floating aimlessly, uncertainty sinking away as you
go calm. THAT feeling is power. knowing that even at the brink of
things moving away, you can swim where you need to before things
get really bad. but only if you have that space to recognize your
freedom. and sometimes, that freedom means that you don’t have to
go where others want you to. hell, you don’t have to GO, period.
now that doesn’t mean that you exercise this as a way to hurt or
be a jerk. (unless that’s just your personality, which makes me
question why you’re checking this blog in the first place.) but it
is a way to maintain and cultivate all that you’re meant to be.

i found my wave and it’s been a remarkable thing for me to ride the
crest and see just how far i can really travel. i hope you’ll be
doing the same if you’re not already, and for those trying to get
there…you will.

until the next time…walk good.