Say “Hello” To The Revamped Site!!

Photo Apr 23, 4 55 36 PM
What goes on, good people? As you can see, of wine and words has a new look and feel. After a few issues and some complaints and queries, it was time for a change. There’s still a few minor tweaks to work out on this platform, but I’m working on it. Hopefully these changes will make you, the reader, feel more welcome – and invite more people to check the site out!!

As always, THANK YOU for your support and walk good!

bourbon tinted sunrise

morning sweat
earned by dreams that carry the soundtrack
of the sizzle that 7th Avenue South has
when the summer sun hits it just right

carry an undertone
Himalayan pink salt and burnished vanilla
and bourbon born of honey and long whispers
around mountain tops

there’s no burn present as the eyes open
which makes the thought of her
easy to taste but dangerous to drink deeply

without her giving you more