here among the glow of the dunes


it is here among the dunes
here, where the last days of summer dance
frantically, like last call is minutes away
and they’re not sure where they’ve parked.

here among the miniscule bits of stardust and rock crystal
and shells that have heard millions of secrets
but cannot tell one completely
is where i seek to unravel yours.

here, on dunes that covet the hue of your cheeks
as they were when i saw you last
laid flush like cinnamon shaken loose within a mug of coffee
i find the memory of your arms around me.

here, the breeze lands upon my face
with an upturned kiss that clears all away
like burning white sage in a bedroom
and i think of where the spinning world takes you

here among the glow of the dunes
i hear the subtle thunder of the waves
and think of the shimmer of your spirit
that will sweep me into her arms


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