august 29th, 3:41 p.m.


the sidewalk doesn’t hiss anymore
as i step lively,
the maniacal chimes of ice cream trucks
that circle blocks more than corner boys
drift further and further apart.
the smoke of barbecues
drapes itself across the breeze
i feel the sun lick at my neck with less intensity
like a tired child with a flavor of coco helado
they had to settle for.
there are no more open hydrants
the sprinklers are set out less frequently
and the bees are plotting their escape.
older folks
look at the dwindling sunlight
for the years they’ve forgotten,
and a radio issues forth tunes to coddle the soul –
Chi-Lites, Mighty Sparrow and Gladys Knight.
the summer is taking her leave,
barefoot with sandals in hand.
i watch the curvature of her calves trailing off
on the horizon, pink and almond ochre that
floats off into gentle midnight,
taste the last bit of barbecue sauce on my fingers
and down the last ounce of beer
exhaling a season softly.


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