OctPoWriMo 2015: monsters have the best masks (20/31)


we forget at times
that monsters will always have the best of masks
that they are more adept
at costuming
before consuming

they walk among us
calling themselves names and titles
that are supposed to be familiar and safe
they hide among avatars and pixels
texting sharpens their talons further

we must remember
that monsters will always possess the best of masks
and that there are many among us
who bear more scars than victims in Technicolor pictures
and that they can’t shut off the screams so easily

OctPoWriMo 2015: sunset carnival farewells (19/31)


there are goodbyes that stain the soul
not unlike the map of slight regret
a wayward kiss can leave on the collar of a shirt

moments where fun drifts away
where you realize that letting go
is that same hurt as a child’s lost balloon is

the lights flicker on to mark your exit
the skies, sympathetic to your heart
mimic the rawness with cotton candy pink and midnight blue

Blue Magic said it best in that song,
“let the sideshow begin…”
and so it’s another goodbye that is needed

one always hates to leave a carnival at sunset
or something they enjoyed…

OctPoWriMo 2015: walk among the October leaves (18/31)


give me the air
that passes between your hands
and winds throughout your fingers
that ties your delicate scent around it like a ribbon
let me humbly
press my cheek within the crook of your neck
as we walk amidst woods that are giving their glory
to the coldest of seasons
and find the same within the simmering honey
of your skin
we don’t have to say much
let us speak with sly smiles
and the reassurance found
in a quick hug or the hand placed around the shoulders
let’s breathe each other in
after this October rain
and leave the wrappings of our mysteries
among the leaves

OctPoWriMo 2015: Monday morning donut (16/31)


i tend to believe AM radio is one of those
sublime tortures Dante couldn’t have envisioned
standing on a train
as it cuts through two boroughs
can make you glad for comfortable shoes –
if only your left sock would agree before
coming apart at the toe.
are like the continuous motion
of stepping on toy Lego bricks
so please
don’t be too upset or righteous
if once in a while
i get a donut with my cup of java.
i need this
to remind me that it is worth it
finding things in the world i can fix.

OctPoWriMo 2015: rockabilly queen of the night (15/31)


red lipstick is her warpaint
and battlefields
are nothing new to someone
who’s waged wars of silent tears
and unspoken selves sitting at kitchen tables
prying past hurts from their flesh like staples

brown skinned dream rockabilly queen
with a roller derby personality
who has a smile like steel flashing in the sun
her own woman
writing down her freedom
waiting on the next beer & laugh to come



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OctPoWriMo 2015: taxicab symphony opening (14/31)


fall evenings
are the last ones where you see people
dance like lights beginning to dot the windows
of buildings
from crosswalk to coffee shop
the sunset still carries across the sky
the flesh of salmon and some goldenseal
maybe it’s meant to heal hearts
weary of keyboards and invoices
and outer voices that grate
food cart vendors begin to tamper down their grills
we’re all moving somewhere
we’re all going somewhere
we’re all headed home
be it the couch or the bar or the crypt
fall evenings like this
come to you like a treasury note
that you happen to spy on a street
and grab for all it’s worth

OctPoWriMo 2015: uncovered pools in autumn (12/31)


puddles on the street
become a compact mirror for the sky
as she gets herself ready for another brisk morning
blowing turquoise cool upon commuters

a couple from just outside of Nogales
stride on opposite sides of the street with arms filled
with circulars begging you to take notice of sales
part of their American dream that earns them 4 bucks a cart

the corner store cup of coffee
has a bit more kick to it
i nod to the feline bodyguard
glance briefly at photographs of Yemeni hillsides

we always get surprised
when the first true chill of autumn slides in
and much like uncovered pools at playgrounds
we learn to accept it and let go like the leaves