The Thankful November: “Harlem River Drive”, Bobbi Humprhey

I’ve mentioned this song on the blog before. This soulful
jazz tune has been a steady comfort in my life, ever since
I first heard it while driving with my parents up to see my
late aunt, Ms.Eddy, up in Harlem. It’s a song that just fits
the historic neighborhood fully. There’s a neat little synopsis
found right here. I’m thankful to have this song because
it reminds me of those times rolling up the Harlem River Drive
and looking out in wonder at the East River. It reminds me
of Ms.Eddy, and how sweet she always was to me. She
never failed to make sure I had a piece of chocolate the
moment I sat down, and most importantly she never failed
to ask me how I was doing, and other things to make me
feel important. “Harlem River Drive” is a song that always
reminds me that Harlem, for many of us, is home in some
way. And always will be. The song is available for purchase online
as well as the album, Blacks and Blues.


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