The Thankful November: “Keep Your Head To The Sky” – Earth, Wind And Fire

For today’s entry, I’m sharing this well-known song by the
famous Earth, Wind and Fire. The reason behind this is because
this is one song I have on tap for when I feel like I’ve hit a
valley of doubt. Over the past couple of years, as those who
have been keeping up with this blog from the beginning know,
I’ve dealt with a lot of hard moments in life. I’ve had to climb out
of some trenches, those that were dug for me by the rigors of
life and others I may have dug for myself. Who knows? But this
song was a part of my journey to reclaim myself. It’s a song that
is a favorite with my mom – I’d often hear her sing along with it
at times growing up as she moved about the house, cleaning
or doing something else. The chorus especially – the chorus
just cries freedom. Freedom and that safe harbor of happiness
in knowing you’ve made it through a tough struggle. Scarred but
safe. And that’s why I’m thankful to still cherish this song as a
part of my arsenal of happiness.


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