the kid and the Big C.

as if the New York Mets and their fans didn’t have
enough to worry about this season.

Gary Carter, better known as ‘The Kid’, a catcher
who was one of the more popular members of that
1986 World Series team the Mets had, found out this
past weekend that he not only had four brain tumors
in his head, but that surgery was not an option. for
me, Carter was as much a cool customer as Doc Gooden
or Daryl Strawberry was. when i started following
baseball, i noticed that i didn’t root for a team,
but i was behind certain players all the way. and
Gary Carter was one guy who i liked to watch as a
catcher back then. even as i wound up being a Yankees
fan in the early ’90s, i had a special place in my
heart for those ’86 Mets ’cause they were what the
city missed since the Bombers’ last title: winning
with grit and style. i hope he beats the big C just
like he did against opposing base-runners in his
Hall Of Fame Career.