last call’s captivity

begins with your legs and the night
bathed in burning orange
that makes the buckles on your heels twinkle
we wipe sweat from our brows
to make room for more later
you giggle with all the coyness
four cranberry and vodkas bring
you’ve got me trapped
with lust living in the netting your wear well enough
to have given Appolonia a few runs
your eyes flash hellion
and with a kiss on your neck
this captivity of the last call
has just begun.

azure rhapsody

*for brownin’*

there is no controlling you
you ride across the prairies in my mind
on stallions as wild as your curls
a bandit queen
who shoots sugar-tipped arrows from her lips
i can’t stop you
from lassoing my thoughts
and branding them with your laughter
or your swimming gently
with my dreams under orange moons
and watchful eyes that burn in the fabric of night
there is no controlling you
and truth is
i’d be a fool to.

disoriented express

it wasn’t the chill
from the patterned glass
her hand rested on
that made her uneasy
or the blanket of night
that slung itself around her shoulders
it wasn’t even the fact that it had been
a good half-hour since the train had hollered
through the dusk
it was the hand
of the gentleman who stared at her
all through dinner with a cigarette in his lips
and the musk of lust on his brow
resting on the window of her compartment door
that made her heart beat that much faster now