thoughts of a falling star (for Sagal)

you shouldn’t appear
like uneasiness in the stomach
too near the last drink
and too far from home
but here you are
tumbling back to the land
i once called paradise
because it as where love made its home for you
and like any falling star
you still burn bright before the eyes
have you tired of drifting in space
playing it safe
and as you trad loneliness’ cold embrace
for those moments where i kissed your face
and the fire they contain
let the next time
you crash into me
be so powerful
we give it a name.

when summer and fall part(for Sagal)

*wrote this a while ago…sifting through old books can
unearth some thoughts indeed. -cs*

don’t simply cross the mind as
maple leaves do to quiet lawns
at the outset of fall

linger like the last touches of sun
trapped in a butterfly’s wings
at the day’s last call

and for all of that, you
despite scars earned and inflicted
still hold me with the care of a sculptor
wrapped in gauze within your heart

and i
do the same believe it or not
even with the chill and brightness that comes
when summer and fall part.

birthday bittersweet(to Sagal)

on this day

i wish for you to wake up

with warmth in the clouds

and without dreams that leave you in tears

let it be a day

of green tea sipped coolly

and no pain that blinds you

and maybe

at some point

i will send my good wishes

on a soft breeze

that would nestle against

the brown velvet of your cheeks

where my hands once found their Eden

may this year

and all the rest

be as beautiful

as you once were to me.

drifting blossoms(for Sagal)

Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo

remember me then
when we bent firewater to our will
and the sun stood still
and laughed
at how we walked with each other
keep in mind
those words i collected
for your and your heart
that came down to earth
with rain and pieces of old mountains
remember us then
when you may not stand me now
and your lips
feel cold as winter not looking to leave
as you felt i did
remember me when
you write at the rise of night
in the midst of Sade’s ‘Cherish The Day’
for i will do the same
as long as the wind blows softly.

when steam rises(to sagal)

the rwandan statue
of a mother and child
still stands tall on my dresser
faint traces of perfume
still reside on the envelopes
that bear your delectable script
and i cant help but
think about that tenderness
i used to kiss below your ear
at the curve of your neck
every time i put this tim horton’s mug
to my lips
i’m left with memories
still warm as the space
between my arms
that you no longer fill
and each time that steam rises
your kiss
stretches across my skin
maybe once again
it will stretch across time
regret and distance
when happiness was yours and mine.