the silver key

you might just laugh at me
but i think back
to the necklace you wore
as we shared laughter and beer
while the Saturday sun slipped beneath the West Side slowly
i think about it now
that silver key
that pointed towards the idyllic temple of your heart
built with orchids cinnamon sunbeams and tears
for now
i’ll sit outside these gates
and watch light dance upon your face
waiting for the day you present me with that key
and that day
will feel like the morning flights of birds within me.

precious stones in the dark

don’t know where it was
that you stole away
wtih silvers of my heart
i suppose
you keep them with
silver and wood earrings
letting them glisten
along with other precious stones
in the dark
of your jewelry box
i’d like to think
that because of the gentle caress
of your hands
they burn with promise
waiting to greet you
with renewed desire and light
just as i do.