undeveloped past(FB photo prompt #4)

September 2nd, 1938
here it sits
intact with barely a scratch
bullets could not harm it
falling plaster could not bruise its hinges
bombs could not scar its leathery body
fascism could not destroy it
a suitcase
that holds a few shirts and papers
and a roll of film
from the last trip to Seville
before the war
before Franco’s bloodlust

this suitcase sits
after it left the hand
of a man fleeing after his wife
as planes strafed the building’s face
both felt like the last pats of black market butter
they dined on with brittle toast only hours before
as the gunfire sliced through their bodies
and their hours were no more
yet the suitcase remains
with film that trapped smiling faces in its folds
proof that an undeveloped past can live
beyond someone’s future