Hey there good folks, I know many are taking this day to relax,
let the food and emotions digest from yesterday. But I want those
of you to know that right until next Tuesday, November 29th, there
is a sale on ALL my books of poetry.

That’s right, three titles all for sale. Need another copy for gifts to
friends, family, lovers and others? Step right up and check them
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If you’ve already honored me by purchasing one of these books,
I humbly thank you and trust that you will spread the word or
possibly make a purchase for the holiday gifting season!!

Thanks for checking this site out, and have a great weekend!!


Labor Day ’16 Sale!!!


What’s happening readers?

I’m here to announce that there’s now currently a sale
going on in my webstore for the Labor Day holiday weekend.
From now until September 6th, ALL of my books are on
sale for $4 dollars. That’s right, four bucks. No codes are
necessary. For those of you who haven’t purchased any of
my books previously, this is your chance to grab them at
a good rate. For those who have, this is a great way to get
a gift of words for your loved ones. As always, if you spread
the word and/or make a purchase it is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much!!!



The Thankful November: Small Business Saturday

Photo Nov 19, 4 22 34 PM

This time of year, it’s important to recognize that the religion of
consumerism is one that should never be. What do I mean by that?
I mean that the overt need to buy, buy, buy and help major businesses
that may not have the entirety of your interests at heart is a huge
problem here. It also harms those businesses that do help out
their communities and those budding businesses on the rise. I
am thankful for those small businesses. Places like La Casa Azul
Bookstore in East Harlem. Places like Peace & Riot in Bed-Stuy,
Brooklyn. And many, many others. For me, even selling my books
via 108 Press has underscored the value of small businesses and
the importance of encouraging entrepreneurship among the
communities of color in all genres. So today, on #SmallBizSaturday,
take some time and spend with these businesses. (And also, don’t
forget to visit my webstore as well!) They need your love and support
to combat the ugliness we see too often with Black Friday and beyond.

The Thankful November: The Way Books Tend To Smell


I realize this is a day late, so my apologies to those who were
anticipating the next entry with bated breath 😛

Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the smell of books. There’s
a distinct aroma they have that sets something off inside of me.
It has from when I was little. There’s a powerful note to it, the
scent. A new book has a clean scent to it, untarnished. Open.
Crisp, like the air hitting the flesh at the bottom of your ears as
you walk outside in cold weather first thing in the morning. Old
books – they smell like mystery. They smell like they carry the
heft of knowledge dredged up from some seabed. It can become
intoxicating. And it while it may seem a bit too fanciful(okay, for
some downright weird), it is something that can really compel me
to write at times.

To that end, I’ve begun to start looking into the smell of books to
gain further insight. There’s a wonderful article to be found right
here and it comes with a handy downloadable graphic. And the
Smithsonian claims that the smell has a distinct and identifiable
note. Read more here and be the judge! Overall, the smell of books
have given me countless moments of serenity and has helped to
spark some really good writing. And for that I’m thankful.



Hello good people!! For those of you who have enjoyed my poetry
and writing thus far on your visits here, you may have wondered if
I have poetry for purchase. I’m here to say a)heck yeah I do and
b)there’s three, THREE books that you can grab a hold of!! The
three books are:

lovestoned, 2008
wife of the heart, 2010
penny candy rhythms, 2014

All three of the books can be purchased at my webstore located here.
Each of these books, for me, represent a journey of growth in terms of
love, life and the literature they have brought forth from my spirit. I’ve
poured my heart and soul into their creation, and I want people to have
their spirit touched with the same energy I felt when putting these poems
to paper. I’ve managed to sell out the entire first run of my first book,
and I’ve gotten rave acclaim for all of my works from folks that I know and
others both. I hope that you’ll take the time to check the site out and
pick up a copy of any of my books today!! Thanks for reading!!