‘lovestoned’, my first published book is available once again!!

now i know there’s a couple of you out there asking
the following questions:

1)where the HELL have you been since may?
2)WHEN did you get a book published?

well, to answer the first question, i’ve been
enjoying the summer but also working real hard
on other projects so i’ve neglected the blog
badly. no more however.

and to answer the second question, ‘lovestoned’
made its debut in the summer of 2008. that initial
first run sold out in a couple of months and now
i’m releasing a second print for those that missed
it the first time around. this is also in celebration
of my newest book, ‘wife of the heart’ which will
debut sometime in september of this year. for any
of you interested in ordering a copy of either
book, email me at infinitewords@yahoo.com.